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[audio]Fresh Asparagus Ep. 21 - Josh Loves Andrea? - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we cover A LOT! We're covering a ton of movies and shows. To include a few: Oz the Great and Powerful, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Seeking Evil, The Bay, The Walking Dead, Community, The Collection, American Loser, Playback, some comedy specials, and upcoming releases: Oblivion, Olympus Has Fallen, and Disconnect!
Downloads: 23
[audio]JewCow Reads? - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
Another episode of the almighty comic book show!
Downloads: 8
[audio]Headshots and Plasma Grenades Ep. 12 - JewCow Infinite - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week we talk all about Bioshock Infinite! Plus, games we played as kids, our top 5 best and worst kids in gaming, Mario and Peach, and games coming out soon!
Downloads: 15
[audio]JewCow Reviews Ep. 02 - Side By Side - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
We review the amazing documentary Side By Side where actors, producers, directors, and so many other talk about the transition of 35MM to Digital in the world of film. Is it the death bell for 35MM? Kyle and Josh talk all about that and their experiences working more that 10 combined years as projectionists at theatres both in the digital age and the 35MM period.
Downloads: 11
[audio]Undressed to Impress Ep. 22 - Undressed to Depress - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week on Undressed to Impress, we undress to depress. We decided that being naked is depressing. We have a full on Q&A this week plus we hear what Chase did on his anniversary!
Downloads: 29
[audio]Cow's Beef Ep. 15 - Top 10 Greatest Cartoons Ever - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, Kyle and Chase continue TV month as they dive into the world of cartoons. Everyone has their favorite cartoons... are yours on our lists?
Downloads: 11
[audio]JewCow Reads? Issue 10 - Sidekicks! - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, Josh, Kyle, and Chase sit down and talk all about their favorite sidekicks! Plus, the epic battle of the week, JewCow's pull-list, and so much more! Will your favorite sidekick make our lists?
Downloads: 12
[audio]Cow's Beef Ep. 16 - Best and Worst Couples on TV - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
Happy Valentine's Day! We hate it! :D We spend out V-Day talking about the best and worst couples on TV! Did we pick your favorites?
Downloads: 14
[audio]The Variant Issue 05 - JewCow Illuminati - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, New Avengers, Teen Titans, Ultimate Spiderman, and Dark Knight grabs our attention!
Downloads: 21
[audio]Headshots and Plasma Grenades Ep. 11 - Greatest Platformers! - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we talk about some of the best and worst Platformers in gaming history. Everyone has their favorites, what's JewCow's? Also! Star Wars Pinball, Aliens 3, Cave Story, PlayStation 4, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Path of Exile, Until Dawn, LEGO Marvel Heroes, and SO MUCH MORE!
Downloads: 8
[audio]JewCow Reads? Issue 07 - Greatest Marvel Storylines - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we create out super villain teams of 5, talk about possible villains for the Justice League film, and discuss our Top 5 Marvel storylines of all time! Check out all of this and more on this weeks issue of JewCow Reads?!
Downloads: 10
[audio]Fresh Asparagus Ep. 19 - Really James Franco? - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we cover everything from Community and The Walking Dead to The Conjuring, Spring Breakers, The Peeples, and All Super Heroes Must Die! Plus our Netflix picks and more!
Downloads: 16
[audio]Variant Issue Issue 03 - Kinda Destructible Hulk - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
We talk about how destructible the Indestructible Hulk is and so much more!
Downloads: 18
[audio]JewCow Reads? Issue 11 - Top 5 Teams - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com

Downloads: 11
[audio]PSYCOW Ep. 15 - Talking with Shyla Molhusen/Reality and Fiction pt. 2 - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we talk with Shyla Molhusen! Shyla played Darlin' in our PSYCOW favorite film, The Woman! She was amazing to talk with and we're glad you get to meet her! She will be a regular on the show as she reviews movies for us!
Downloads: 54
[audio]Fresh Asparagus Ep. 22 - GI Jew Cowtaliation - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week on Fresh Asparagus, Josh and Kyle talk all about The Walking Dead season finale, GI Joe Retaliation, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Burt Wonderstone, The Wolverine, White House Down, Riddick, the Netflix Picks of the Week, and so much more!
Downloads: 13
[audio]PSYCOW Ep. 11 - Remakes pt. II: Movies Then and Now - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, Stacey and Kyle venture back into the world of remakes. They compare movies from the 70s and 80s to the way they are in the 2000s. Are they rip offs? Or homages? Next week, tune in as they interview the one and only Adrienne King! That's right! The very first survivor girl of the Friday the 13th series is on PSYCOW next week!
Downloads: 18
[audio]Cow's Beef Ep. 11 - Getting Drunk and Laid for New Years - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we talk about the best and worst films of 2012, bands we listened to most in 2012, Chase's beers to drink for New Years, how to get laid for New Years, and a bunch more!
Downloads: 17
[audio]Cow's Beef Ep. 13 - Most Disappointing Movies - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
You know when you watch a trailer for a movie that looks amazing and then it ends up to be total shit? Or when you hear that they are making a sequel to one of your favorite movies and it just sucks major balls? This week, Chase and Kyle countdown their top 10 most disappointing films ever. And it's a doozy!
Downloads: 9
[audio]PSYCOW Ep. 14 - Talking with Eric Stanze - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week on PSYCOW, Stacey mans the show on her own! She gets the privilege to talk with producer, actor, director, and writer Eric Stanze! With his following on the underground scene, it's great to have him on our show to talk about his film career.
Downloads: 17
[audio]JewCow Reads? Issue 09 - Team-Ups FTW - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week we talk all about our dream team-ups! Whether they are DC or Marvel and heroes or villains, we match them up! Also, our pull list of the week, books everyone should read, and comic movies!
Downloads: 10
[audio]Headshots and Plasma Grenades Ep. 09 - Best and Worst Villains - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we talk about the best and worst villains of the last decade, our hate for the Call of Duty series, about Zombeer aka when indie games go wrong, and so much more! Check it out!
Downloads: 13
[audio]Cow's Beef Ep. 12 - Batman with a Side of Beef - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week on Cow's Beef, Chase and Kyle talk all about Batman flicks! From 1943 to 2012, we tell you what sucked, what was awesome, and what just plain should have never happened... we're looking at you Mr. Freeze. Then, on the Cutlet, we talk about Facebook and their admins. It's all here on Episode 12 of Cow's Beef!
Downloads: 10
[audio]JewCow Reads? Issue 08 - Greatest Rivals - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we talk amazing rivals, how we'd kill Spiderman, and who would win in a superhero battle royale!
Downloads: 12
[audio]SHOW Ep. 05 - Black As Hell - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
SHOW is designed to provide news we would normally give on all of our shows when we do not record them throughout the week. This week, we're going to HorrorHound and will not be recording so we did a special SHOW! This episode of SHOW, we talk about gaming news, horror flick news, comic book news, HorrorHound Weekend guests and events, and some amazing questions and topics are answered and discussed! If you'd like to provide us with a question or topic, go over to Ask.FM/JewCow!
Downloads: 16
[audio]Fresh Asparagus Ep. 20 - When Rick Met The Governor - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week on Fresh Asparagus, Jew does a killer Flubber impression, we talk about Community and The Walking Dead, and we jump into Hangover 3, Monsters University, and sooooo much more! Lots of movies in this show.
Downloads: 15
[audio]JewCow Reviews Ep. 01: Jug Face - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
For our first ever real movie review, we decided to start with our good friends over at Moderncine! We've been working with them a lot and will be going to HorrorHound weekend with them in Ohio! Their newest release, Jug Face took Slamdance by storm! With writer/director Chad Crawford Kinkle (see PSYCOW Ep. 13) creating his vision and producer Andrew van den Houten (see PSYCOW Ep. 03 and 13) helping him create this vision, it truly is a great film! The film stars Lauren Ashley Carter (see PSYCOW...
Downloads: 5
[audio]Cow's Beef Ep. 18 - Comedy Gold - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we begin March with MOVIES! We countdown our top 15 comedies ever in the history of ever. A bit controversial because some new comedies have trumped some of the classics. But hey, it's our list! Tell us what you think and what you would add or delete! PLUS! Kyle has a little side of beef when he bitches about stupid people on YouTube!
Downloads: 21
[audio]Undressed to Impress with a Girl Ep. 19 - Explosive People, Condom Ice Cream, and Slavery - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com

Downloads: 14
[audio]PSYCOW Ep. 13 - Chad Crawford Kinkle and Andrew van den Houten - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, on a special episode of PSYCOW, Andrew van den Houten joins us again as he introduces us to the director of Moderncine's new film Jug Face, Chad Crawford Kinkle!
Downloads: 32
[audio]Retard Nation Ep. 01 - The Vigilante: Good or Bad? - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
Nuklear Comix and JewCow's Podcast Kingdom join forces for the first time to discuss a vast array of topics. This week's topic: Vigilantism. Is it a good or bad thing? Host and owner of Nuklear Comix in Sumter, SC Barry Edwards talks with a panel all about it. With Tim Taylor, Duane Arnold, Brad Hyde, Angela Payne, and Isaiah Ridley on the panel, they discuss the rights and wrongs of the somewhat controversial topic! facebook.com/Nuklear.Comix facebook.com/JewCowFTW
Downloads: 30
[audio]PSYCOW Ep. 12 - Talking with Adrienne King - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week on PSYCOW, we speak with a true horror icon. The very woman that killed Pamela Voorhees and set Jason on a killing rampage joins us on PSYCOW! Adrienne King is a magnificent person, a staple in each of our childhoods, and an icon throughout the horror community. Tune in to our hour long interview with the one and only, Adrienne King! Check out her website at www.adrienneking.com where you will find her amazing paintings, wine, and collectibles!
Downloads: 27
[audio]Shyla Reviews Ep. 03 - Gremlins - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, Shyla reviews Gremlins! She loved this film as much as we love it and she definitely is happy to talk about it. She had us laughing so hard!
Downloads: 7
[audio]Undressed to Impress with a Girl Ep. 15 - Ask JewCow - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, it's all about our listeners! We answer all the questions you guys submitted to us on Ask.Fm! We cover 44 questions in the hour show! It gets weird at times, gross at times, and real at times... it's probably our best show yet! Tune in!
Downloads: 16
[audio]PSYCOW Ep. 10 - Talking with Fred Vogel - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week on PSYCOW, we sit down with writer/director/actor and co-founder of Toe Tag Pictures, Fred Vogel. We talk about his somewhat controversial trilogy August Underground as well as Sella Turcica, The Redsin Tower, Murder Collection Vol. 1, and Maskhead. What's in the future for Fred? Find out here on PSYCOW!
Downloads: 20
[audio]Shyla Reviews Ep. 01 - Mars Attacks and The Monster Squad - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we debut Shyla Reviews with Shyla Molhusen. You may know Shyla from The Woman! But now she's on JewCow's Podcast Kingdom and she's reviewing movies each and every week! This week, Shyla talks all about Mars Attacks and The Monster Squad! On future episodes, we will have a theme song for her and everything! For the first show we didn't get a chance to fully create a song for her! But each Sunday, she will be reviewing movies from Killer Klowns in Outer Space to Avengers and everything ...
Downloads: 22
[audio]The Variant Issue 06 - Life After Rot World - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we spotlight Swamp Thing, Avengers Arena, and Cable and X-Force. We also dive into Superior Spiderman, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Animal Man, Wolverine and the X-Men, X-23, and so much more! Check out Nuklear Comix in Sumter, SC and Twin City Comics in Columbia Heights, MN and like/friend them on Facebook!
Downloads: 9
[audio]Cow's Beef Ep. 14 - 10 Greatest TV Shows of the Last Decade - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, the title explains is all! On top of the 10 best TV shows of the last decade, we talk about some BEEF Chase has been having lately!
Downloads: 12
[audio]PSYCOW Ep. 17 - Talking with Sean Bridgers - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
It was just a matter of time before we got the one and only Sean Bridgers on the show. Being such huge fans of The Woman and Moderncine, we had to get Sean to come on the show! We talk about how he got into acting, his roles in films like Children of the Corn 2, Deadwood, Jug Face, and of course The Woman. And we talk to him about his future projects! It's a can't miss show this week as he was gracious enough to sit down with us for an hour long interview! Hope you enjoy the show as much as we e...
Downloads: 47
[audio]Undressed to Impress with a Girl Ep. 17 - JewCow Q&A 2 - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we do another Q&A! Thanks to everyone who submitted a question! We had 50 answered. If we didn't get to your question this week, we will certainly answer it next week! If you haven't asked us and question and would like to, go over to Ask.FM/JewCow and ask anything you want!
Downloads: 21
[audio]Fresh Asparagus Ep. 17 - Operation Kill Jim and Pam - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we go over our four can't miss shows: Parks and Recreation, The Office, Walking Dead, and Community! Then we dive into our Netflix Picks. What's good and bad on ol' Nettie? Lastly, we talk all about three flicks coming out soon: Fast and Furious 6, Would You Rather?, and This is the End! It's a great episode and a great week of entertainment!
Downloads: 16
[audio]PSYCOW Ep. 18 - Texas Chainsaw and a Monster Battle Royal - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week on PSYCOW, Stacey and Kyle talk about scary movie scores, spoil Texas Chainsaw 3D, and talk about who would win in a 10 monster battle royal between Leatherface, Freddy, Michael, Jason, Candyman, Wishmaster, Chucky, The Thing, Pinhead, and Pennywise! Plus, the Netflix Picks of the Week!
Downloads: 13
[audio]Undressed to Impress with a Girl Ep. 13 - Ending the World pt. 2: The Aftermath - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we get really, really, really random as we talk about how the world changed since the world ended, more nonsense from Westboro, and how Spiderman fans want to chop off writer Dan Slott's head! Fun!
Downloads: 7
[audio]JewCow Reads? Issue 09 - Team-Ups FTW - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week we talk all about our dream team-ups! Whether they are DC or Marvel and heroes or villains, we match them up! Also, our pull list of the week, books everyone should read, and comic movies!
Downloads: 6
[audio]PSYCOW Ep. 09 Talking with Pollyanna McIntosh AND PSYCOW Bloody Bits: Xmas Special - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, our Christmas present to ourselves is talking with The Woman herself, Pollyanna McIntosh! From The Woman, Exam, and Headspace to her modeling career and future plans! Then, we give gifts to others! The Christmas with The Woman Giveaway winners are revealed after the Pollyanna interview! Finally, as a super special treat, our PSYCOW: Bloody Bits Xmas Special is on the tail end of the video! Find out what to watch for the holidays!
Downloads: 14
[audio]Undressed to Impress Ep. 22 - Undressed to Depress - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, we have our 4th full Q&A and this time we have a bunch or amazing questions! Plus, this week Stacey tells us yet another crazy tale! Also, what did Chase do for his anniversary?
Downloads: 1
[audio]The Variant Issue 07 - Death of the Family - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, Death of the Family fans rejoice as it was an amazing week! With Batgirl, Batman, and Batman and Robin all having great endings this week, DC owned the week. It all ends with Batman 17... who will it be? Also on the pull list, Indestructible Hulk, New Avengers, Suicide Squad, Savage Wolverine, and so much more!
Downloads: 23
[audio]Fresh Asparagus Ep. 16 - A Mighty Return - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, Fresh Asparagus returns after a near 3 month hiatus! We reformatted the show entirely! This week, The Walking Dead, Jack the Giant Slayer, Parks and Rec, The Office, Community, The Lords of Salem, The Call, our Netflix Picks, and SO MUCH MORE!
Downloads: 11
[audio]Undressed to Impress with a Girl Ep. 18 - JewCow Q&A III - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, it's another Q&A! You guys submitted some awesome questions. We think you ran out of funny ones because you really wanted to get to know us this episode! Thanks again and if you want to submit more, just go to Ask.FM/JewCow!!!
Downloads: 23
[audio]Cow's Beef Ep. 17 - Reality Shows and Game Shows - jewcowFTW@yahoo.com
This week, it's week 4 of TV month! We introduce a new segment called the Cutlet Countdown where we speed-round a countdown! For the first cutlet countdown, we talk about Game Shows! Then for the main theme, we talk about the best and worst Reality Shows!
Downloads: 29
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